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Horské středisko Javorový Vrch
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Race Informations

Race date: 07. 02. 2003 - 09. 02. 2003
Location: Javorový Vrch, Třinec - Oldřichovice cable railway station

Application: Seidl Luboš, Vinohradská 57, 748 01 Hlučín, home +420 595 044 587, mobil.+420 777 307 377 , kontakt@mushing.cz

Appilacation deadline, possible race cancelation: 06.02.2003

Starting fee: 500 Kč, bank account 766755001/2400 e-banka
Foreign competitors can pay on presentation.

U dogteam 9 and more dogs open breed – max. 12 dogs in team
U1 dogteam 9 and more dogs nothern breeds with FCI pedigrees – max. 12 dogs in team
B dogteam 6-4 dogs open breed
B1 dogteam 6-4 dogs Siberian Husky with FCI pedigrees
B2 dogteam 6-4 dogs Malamutes, Samoyeds, Greenland dogs with FCI pedigrees
SKJ2 skijöring – cross-country skier with 1-2 dogs

Trails: 25, 55 a 60 km for all classes, trail preparation Ski-doo

Due the lack of parking space on Javorovy Vrch (Maple Hill) has to all vehicles stay by the lower cable railway station in Oldrichovice. Each competittor will get one bag to fill with equipement which will be transported up to finish area. Extra stuff has to each team cary on sled. This rule is also for SKJ2 class. Handlers and other peoples will travel up by the cable railway..

Accomodation:Handlers + race organizers – cottage Javorový Vrch everybody has to order on tel. +420 558 321 306, www.javorovy-vrch.cz
Competittors have to sleep outside with dogs in own tent/sleeping bag.

Food: cottage Javorový Vrch, possible to order musher menu - 2 dinners 2 breakfast 200,-Kč mark number menus with application
For each stage winner – FREE DINNER – AlviPro award

Vet conditions: Valid international certificate of vaccination with vaccinations against rabies,
parvovirosis, distemper not older than 12 months and veterinary atest (health certificate)

Arrival: From road num.11 (E75) Č.Těšín – Třinec turn toward Třinec-Oldřichovice and follow
cable railway signs

Mandatory gear: For friday night stage headlamp with extra set of. On sled has to be breaking pad, good
breaking device, bag for transport equipement with enough space to carry dog on board
and two snowhooks.

Warning: All competittors are racin on their own safety !!!

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